Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wayfare Tavern; Love in an Oyster Shell...

If I were to give one word for Wayfare Tavern, it would be "GREATNESS". And let me tell you...Wayfare Tavern's GREATNESS has NOTHING to do with it's beautiful 1920's decor (adorned with deer heads and antlers hanging over the walls and the "smoking room" doubled as a pool table library/cozy dining room), the amazing service, especially from Sam-our waiter (hands down, my favorite waiter thus far), the tantilizing and irresistable food and of course, it has NOTHING to do with Chef Florence (Who, sadly was not there). Wait...no.. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ALL THAT IS WAYFARE TAVERN!

I usually don't like tavern/saloon type decor, but walking into WT, we got an immediate feel of 1920's meets the socialites of San Francisco. The bar was packed, but we did not go unnoticed. The nostalgic drinks were served perfectly, packed with subtle, surprising flavors. Watch the bartender...The "scientist" is making a concoction that will knock your knickers off!

Once seated, our waiter, Sam (I heart Sam!) recommended a few dishes (who could resist his recommendations?) and was very patient while we teetered between choices. We finally set our hearts to a half dozen oysters, mac n cheese, steak and eggs and of course, the already famous fried chicken. The popovers were a nice touch, especially with the asiago (or parmesan?) baked in...I couldn't resist. I had two.

I'm not an oyster fan, but I have to admit, coupled with the vinegar and cocktail sauce, I wanted more...an afrodisiac, if you will...Was it all in my head?

And finally, the main dishes. Oh my, the fried chicken with the fried sage and thyme and roasted garlic were all to perfection. Moist pieces of chicken, delicately seasoned and lightly breaded with a hint of buttermilk. Now that is heaven. "Last meal on earth"? Organic Fried Chicken, please! (with a side of bacon...thanks!) The side of mac n cheese with the garlic breadcrumbs was a good compliment to the meal...yummy comfort in my tummy.

My love had the steak and eggs: soft eggs, dungeness crab atop succulent petite filet mignons with savory bearnaise drizzled to complete his idea of the ultimate "Last Meal on Earth". He needed a moment. Actually a few...

Two "last meals on earth" under one roof...what could be better than that? The Chocolate Story.

TCHO Cho-co-late pudding, fudge marble ice cream, cookie crumbs, caramel ganache and cho-co-late covered rice crispy bits...We were already full, but could not resist the goodness sitting in front of us. Easily the "Last Dessert on Earth".

I look forward to trying out the burger next time...in the running for the best burger in SF? I'm sure it will be! GREATNESS at Wayfare Tavern...I wanna experience it over and over again! That is definitely love...in an oyster shell...

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