Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foreign Cinema; I Needed a Moment...

Foreign Cinema is always good for celebrating a birthday. Great, spacious layout, very open and lofty with an outdoor courtyard to catch a movie. Great for bigger parties and even better to take advantage of their Dine About Town menu!
I initially arrived already stuffed from a family dinner, so I was hoping to politely get by, being one of those girls just ordering a salad...But I opted for the Cauliflower Soup, because I saw Bacon in the description and couldn't resist. Light, cheesy and bacon-y...A bit filling, Gotta love it!
So, everyone else's dishes came out and lo and behold, my favorite dish returned into my life! Someone ordered the beloved Madras Curry Roast Chicken. I had this dish that was obviously sent from heaven before, so I had to steal a bite. Once in my mouth, I remembered it like it was yesterday...The crisp curry and sesame batter, the moist chicken meat...I needed a moment. My date took one look at me and said "I'm not jealous...It's just food". Oh me, oh my...He should be jealous...Sorry, dude! :) I decided that I should just order it as part of my Dine About Town meal and take it home to have my own private tasting of it. This dish is food porn at its best...!
Whew! For dessert, I chose the Pot de Creme. I can definitely say that I've had better. The Huckleberry Crisp was surprisingly an absolute winner! What is a huckleberry? Whatever it is, it was cooked to perfection with a nice, crisp edge accompanied with a fitting dollop of whipped cream on top. What a way to end a perfect second dinner! I'm stuffed!

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  1. I will have to go back now to try this so called orgasmic chicken :)