Sunday, January 10, 2010

That Takes The Cake; Icing on the Cupcake!

I absolutely loooooove this place! I was looking to order some mini cupcakes to serve at my birthday party, but I wanted something different and DELICIOUS and That Takes the Cake surpassed all expectations!
I initially searched all over the city to try different cupcakes, but was not too impressed with the lack of variety (not to mention the lack of service). One can only have so much of vanilla, chocolate or red velvet. I was thinking Kara's, but they were super expensive and not worth it.
Which led me to TTTC. I'm so glad I read about TTTC on Yelp! Each time I spoke with someone from this lovely little find, they were all personable and friendly!!! That was a HUGE plus for me!
Ok, on to the tasty favorite, HANDS DOWN is the Prom Queen. I'm not sure if I can...hmm...ok, I'll just say this: I literally felt a wonderful tingly feeling all over my body (That's rated-PG, right?). I needed another moment in the other room. A close second runner up is the Green Tea with Lychee icing. Oooh....They were both a huge hit!
I highly recommend TTTC for those who have a love affair with cupcakes. The wonderful service is just...Icing on the Cupcake! Ha.

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