Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blue Bottle Coffee; Wonderfully Dangerous...

I love Blue Bottle. I loved Blue Bottle before it became a ginormous hit in the City. Blue Bottle is bold. Blue Bottle is rich. Blue Bottle is coffee at its best.
I will say that I can do without the attitude that several locations have, but for coffee like that, I'll let it slide.
My all time favorite is a simple Latte. I remember the exact day, years ago. I ventured into Velo Rouge and ordered a Latte. I thought it was weird that it only came in one size, but there was a pretty foamy leaf designed on top and the weirdness left me. Instead, a strong, rich and bold flavor was introduced to me: I don't know if I can go back to regular coffee again. Starbucks, who? Something wonderfully dangerous happened...I became a coffee snob. Ahhh...It was love at first sip!
You simply can't mistake the distinct taste of quality Organic Coffee at the measly price of $3.50 per cup. It's only "measly" if you love designer coffee :)
Today, I tried the recommended Gibralter according to 7X7 as the 27th must eat or drink before you die at the Ferry Building. Yes, it's worth having before you die...The two shots of the Hayes Valley Blend and milk gently poured over with a sweet heart-shaped design served in a Gibralter glass makes it a must to enjoy on Blue Bottle premises. To Go? No. It wouldn't be a Gibralter! Very good, a bit on the bitter side, but I loved it, nonetheless!
I had a vision of how awesome it would be to have a Gibralter served in bed, first thing in the morning...It would make definitely make my morning routine a lot more enjoyable!

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