Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roadside BBQ; A BBQ Love Story...

I've been here several times, but I guess I never ordered the right thing. As an avid follower of 7X7's must eat, this time, I ordered the Pulled-Pork Sandwich, AKA: The Memphis Pulled Pork. Little did I know, a BBQ love story was brewing.
There's something about pulled pork and coleslaw that made my mouth water to no end. It's like wanting to kiss someone for the very first time. You hesitate, you don't know what to expect, but you know it's going to be GOOD. The sandwich was so juicy, so tender, just right. The perfect first kiss.
As in love, there are always obstacles to overcome...Enter: The Bread. Damn! I wish this bread didn't get in the way! I totally could've done without...the bread was almost like a third wheel...maybe in this case, a fourth wheel. There's only so much room in my tummy for the tender pulled pork love and coleslaw. So then, my Asian-ness started thinking...Hmm...this would be good with some rice! But without the bread, it wouldn't be a sandwich. change or not to change? Change.
In the end, the sandwich did not defeat me. Yes. The Memphis Pulled Pork didn't know what hit him. I'm even embarrassed to mention that I finished the side of fries...the BBQ sauce trio introduced a spicy sweetness that was unbelievable! Take it for all it's got! Whew! There it went. The empty plate indicated that it was time to toss in the paper towel!
Ahh love...You See, You Taste, You Conquer.

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