Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anthony's Cookies; Life Is Good Again...

Taking from 7X7's must eat list, I was lucky enough to have someone bring over a box of assorted cookies for Anthony's Cookies, where have you been all my life?
Next to cupcakes, homemade cookies are my favorite. Especially straight out of the oven! So, I was super excited to see the cookie box in the black plastic bag...I could smell the goodness as I untied the bag and life is good again!
Although there were so many different varieties, all I really wanted was the cookies and cream cookie. I spotted the cookie with dark speckles and I was the one I have been waiting for. There I was, revving up for a rebirth of an old obsession. was a warm combination of a chewy (without being too chewy) chocolate chip cookie and an Oreo. Wow. Who would've thunk...the marriage of a cookie and and cookie made for my indulgence. Wash it down with a few big gulps of milk and I feel like a kid again. Definitely a favorite!

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