Friday, July 23, 2010


I don't know how Perbacco could get any better...My "sexy hombre" brought me here for my BDay dinner and I fell in love...with the food, the wine, the service and the desserts! "Yay"!

Upon arriving, we did have to wait a bit for our table, because the original table he requested was not yet available so we stood around the bar for a drink. Yum. I started off with the Prosecco with organic strawberries. What a perfect and bubbly way to begin a meal!

When we were finally seated, they sat us in a cute little corner table, slightly away from everyone, but still in the midst of all the action. Very romantic. Nice alternative!

Once we were settled, the hostess presented a hand-written Happy Birthday Card, such a sweet touch! Then, our cute server came and introduced himself to us...Very sweet and very personable from the start! I looked at Sexy Hombre and said "Where are we? Are we still in San Francisco?"

Okay, onto the food.
-Pesce Crudo: Wonderful tastes of Albacore Tuna, Watermelon, Celery, Chili and Cherry Tomatoes. Squeezing everything into one spoon and devouring it whole, you get a variety of flavors, that pair surprising well together!
-Carne Cruda: Veal Tartare (I know...poor baby lamb!) quail egg (love quail eggs!) and truffle atop toasted bread. Oh lord...I think Sexy Hombre had a few moments...I know I did!
-Agnolotti: My Sexy Hombre may need to translate again what was in it, but I will say that it is A MUST! So much flavor coming out of such a little pocket of pasta!
-Parppardelle: With Quail Ragu and teeny tiny little mushrooms...It was good, but the Agnolotti shoved it aside and took first place on my palatte!

Now, on to my favorite! Dessert!
-Glass of Vin Santo: See the below description of how "Ridiculous" this wine is!
-Semifreddo: It's like a cross between a creme brulee, and an ice cream cake. Have a bite and take a sip of the Vin Santo. "Ridiculous". It's so ridiculous that Sexy Hombre was enticed to use profanities to describe how (again) "RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS" it was!
-Chocolate Gelato with a side of Toffee: This was on the house, which made it that much yummier! I don't know if I've ever had Chocolate Gelato THAT good! The cute server, originally from Boston (love him!), told us about the rarity of the chocolate...I can see why. Oh, don't let me forget to tell you about the Toffee. Be careful, it will stick to your teeth, but let it marinate in your mouth to form a caramel consistency. Take another sip of the Vin Santo and there goes my "RIDICULOUS MOMENT"! I literally had to pause for a moment and wonder if this was real. It was.

Thank you a million times, Sexy Hombre! Definitely a night to remember...I heart Bday dinners!

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