Monday, April 12, 2010

Candybar; Moment? No. Smile? Yes...

I came here recently on...dare I say it...Valentine's Day evening, and it was quite refreshing. Great vibe, a welcoming staff, conversational decor, an awesome menu of libations and of course, sweet desserts!

Vibe: Candlelight and some red light specials to create the mood, R&B Slow Jamz (yes, that's a "Z") to bring you back--waaaay back and pretty decor to keep you comfortable without being too comfortable.

Staff: The staff was awesome. Very welcoming, receptive to questions, nice and pleasant.

Decor: Pretty layout, urban art and...board games? Yes...they made the spot very "homey" and fun without being too loungy.

Libations: I'm a huge fan of red wines. The menu represented a nice variety to fit everyone's different tastes. The choice was easy for me...Malbec was my drink of choice of the night. The cocktail menu looked intriguing. I noticed a lot of champagne flowin'--Raspberry Delights and Strawberry Kisses seemed to be a commonality among patrons...perfect for Sex and the City Divas.

Desserts: Everything looked amazing on the menu. We opted for the Apple A La Mode: A nutty crust, cream cheese filling, baked apples topped with a scoop of Gingerbread ice cream. First bite? Warm but chilled, mushy but crunchy, sweet...and perfect.
Moment? No. Smile? Yes...

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