Monday, April 12, 2010

Farmerbrown; I Have Now Seen The Light...

If I were to base a rating on my overall experiences at Farmerbrown, I'd give this place an astounding 5 out of 5! But given the recent brunch buffet, I'd give it a mediocre 3...Wah Wah Waaaaaah...

The lunch and dinner menus are great. So coming for Sunday brunch, I would imagine that brunch goers were as confused as I was.

I was expecting chicken, waffles, scrambles...hearty. Instead, you get boring eggs and oily breakfast potatoes. But FEAR NOT! You are also blessed with bacon, fried chicken, grits and DRUM ROLL PLEASE....biscuits and gravy.

As a farmerbrown fan, I was a bit disappointed with the fried chicken, but put gravy over it and all is wonderful again.

I've never had grits, but I decided to try it anyway. It reminded me of plain chinese porriage and decided I liked it. Then...the lightbulb went off in my head...ADD BACON! GENIUS, JEN! GENIUS!!!!! *Applause* *Takes a bow...*

Oh, but don't forget the gravy over biscuits. I was never a fan...but I've been conformed.

I feel like I just came out of Sunday Service...I have now seen the light...

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