Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pizzeria Delfina; My Pizza Moment...

I never thought I'd have a "moment" with pizza...but was wrong. I had a moment at Pizzeria Delfina. I guess it's not surprising, since everyone raves about this place!

Service was awesome! The hostesses/servers we encountered were each super sweet! Even though we waited almost an hour (on a Monday night), they made sure to serve us beverages while waiting!

There were 5 of us, so what better way to experience Pizzeria Delfina for the first time than to order 5 pizzas! So, here are my thoughts:

Yes, the Margherita is good (Margherita with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms is better!) but I'm not sure it was worthy of a spot on 7x7's Big Eat. The Salsiccia (pie to the left) should have made it to the list. It's PERFECT! OMG. I think it was the fennel sausage and mozzarella that did it, coupled with the fact that it had a crispy thin crust that was to die for! The second it met my mouth, my mouth thanked me. *Moment of silence* Okay...moving on. I think I'll have to call it my favorite pizza so far.

Side note: I'm not a huge fan of sparkle(ing) water, but drop a slice of lemon in it with your pizza and you have a wonderfully balanced meal with a splash of "sparkle"! I'm sure it contributed to my Salsiccia "moment"!

The Purgatorio (pie to the right) was good too...the farm eggs were a bit distracting but paired perfectly with the spicy tomato sauce! I would have loved to see the thought process behind this one. It's such a unique combo!

The Prosciutto Pie was disappointing. I'd rather have a salad with all the arugula atop the pie (you see what I mean?). Don't get me wrong... the prosciutto was thin, salty, not too fat and oh so yummy! I pretty much raped the prosciutto off the pie, it was so good!. But it's definitely not a date night kind of pie, unless you like your date (or you) with greens sticking out of your mouth! I think it's cute...but that's just me :).

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